Verdant Consulting

Our Mission

Partner with visionary leaders and entrepreneurs driven to see communities in Ethiopia achieve their full potential through businesses that create jobs and economic empowerment.

Who We Are

Sarah Jackson

Sarah is a Chartered Management Accountant who holds Master's degrees in Development Management and International Studies. She has a strong understanding of the political and social context in Ethiopia and is experienced in foreign investment and start-up businesses. She has engaged deeply in the legal and financial issues faced by companies across sectors as agriculture, real estate and higher education and can navigate the complex Ethiopian business environment.

Kibreab Lomencho

Kibreab has served as a High Court Judge and presided over civil, labor and criminal benches. He has established his own legal firm as well and represented clients in a wide range of cases from labor to leasing disputes. This experience has helped him lead consulting projects to resolve labor related conflicts in industrial matters, hospitality industries, non-profits & construction sectors. He has also conducted public speeches and trainings related to ethics and anti-corruption legal instruments.

Tigest Geremew

Tigest has over thirteen years of experience in finance and accounting and holds two degrees - an MBA in Account and Finance and a BSc in Management Information Systems. She has extensive experience in conducting organizational capacity assessments, financial management system design and implementation and leading organizational financial reporting activities. Specifically, she has developed complicated accounting systems with strict internal controls from the ground up.

Lydia Ayele

Lydia Ayele has an MBA from the University of Greenwich in International Business and a Law Degree from the Addis Ababa University.  She has seventeen years of work experience in various capacities that have required analyzing environments with different procedures, identifying their varying needs and goals and ensuring the success of projects with due diligence and within assigned timelines.  She thrives working with a diverse range of institutions and people with varied cultural and professional backgrounds.  

Melka Girma

Melka has over five years of experience as an Internal Auditor.   His background is in Economics from Addis Ababa University, and he has worked in Operations and Performance Audit both at home base and overseas offices.  He provides an independent, objective assurance & audit using a disciplined systemic approach & through sharing leading practices that result in reduced costs, enhanced operational efficiencies, sound internal controls and improved risk management practices. 

Kiya Tsegaye

Kiya received his LL.B Degree from Mekelle University, Ethiopia with distinction and his LL.M in Comparative Law, Economics & Finance from International University College of Turin, Italy.  Kiya has strong relationships across a broad range of federal and regional government offices and has experience building relationships for companies, sourcing land for agricultural operations and understanding the regulatory issues particular to the different sectors his clients enter.

What We Do

We leverage our knowledge, network, and capital to bring about deep, lasting change.

Integrating Purpose with Profit

Verdant Consulting specializes in solving business and social problems in tandem. We collaborate with leaders and entrepreneurs to start-up or scale purpose-driven businesses that accelerate Ethiopia's industrial, agricultural and technological transformation.

How We Do It

Foreign Investment and Startup

Partnering with foreign investors involves access to their knowledge, network and capital in order to benefit Ethiopia’s interest for economic growth. Successful business models are vital for the foreign investor and the leaders in Ethiopia. Verdant Consulting applies proven experiences from Verdant Frontiers’ endeavors and leverages methodology, tools and deep expertise to increase mutual success and impact.

Government and Community Engagement

Partnering with the Ethiopian government and communities to help actualise their vision and meet needs along the way is a vital component that can be missed or misunderstood. Verdant Consulting has trusted relationships built through Verdant Frontiers’ years of experience and understanding of how to practically bridge business and community development. This knowledge and capability can accelerate other foreign investor efforts thereby benefiting Ethiopia’s government and local communities.

Scaling Organizations

Starting a company is not easy, but scaling one in a local context carries with it a different set of challenges. Verdant Consulting has successfully partnered with CEO’s and their teams to rapidly develop platforms for scale and help manage successful implementations so they can focus more on business operations. Verdant Consulting has proven methodology, tools, and expertise that accelerate and smooth this key stage of a company’s growth.

Integrating Purpose with Profit

Successful business in Ethiopia starts with having a broader purpose than to just make profit. Companies with the greatest opportunity for success and impact know their social purpose and can integrate it with how they conduct business. Verdant Consulting has methodologies and expertise to help companies articulate and integrate purpose into the work they do everyday.

Verdant University

In order to achieve our mission, we are committed to building the skills of local Ethiopian talent. Verdant Consulting is partnering with each of the Verdant Frontier companies to scale Verdant University for the purpose of generating one million jobs as well as equipping leaders who will become job creators versus job takers.